My Own Avalon

Horses sprint like sapphire wind
over the soft blue meadow of heaven
with white and blue tails like fire of ice
Wings unfolded, white strong and proud;
Forged of clouds and melted crystals
lowering their hoofs to touch the silent surface
as they smile to the navy blue waters reflection
Like soft shadows sighs across the profound sea
where only deities dwell; spreading their gems
as they protect the fortune of Njord
under the neverending sparkling stars

© Sirenia 2012
Photo © Stelios Mpatz


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* Special thanks to Sis Nicole & Jennifer for the beautiful photo!









Today is 15th June 2012.

We are running meat free day in 15th of every month in our company.

The result was encouraging, 140 persons joined our activity, double no of people compare to the 1st month.

It’s proven that the seed of kindness can start from you and me; this can spread to many peoples.

Show you the Fact on the collective effort:

Total Co2 Saving: 780 g X 140 peoples= 109,980g  

Today, we’ve planted 5 Mature Trees (a year),

The tree in turn releases enough oxygen for 10 human beings (a year).

*No meat for 1 meal= 780 g of Co2 reduction

The Colorado Tree Coalition claims that a mature tree (>40 years) can absorb CO2 at a rate of 21.8 kg/year.

The tree in turn…

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La Casita de Wendy is the label of two Spanish designers, Ines and Ivan, who create clothes “for real people” and who have the most amazing prints I’ve seen in a while. I rarely ever buy any non-printed clothes, so you can imagine my joy in front of the amazing patterns that these two design and use. By the way, this dress is my favorite – having both a fox and a bike – but I’m also charmed by all the candy colored prints you’ll see in a sec. Which one is your absolute favorite?

All images from La Casita de Wendy. Visit their blog here.

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travelin' the globe

Wildflower season is lengthy in Utah thanks to the constantly changing elevation. Flowers at a lower elevation bloom earlier, of course, than flowers high up in canyons. Blooms were varied at in the foothills around Salt Lake City in mid-May, but there was still plenty of snow in Little Cottonwood Canyon, especially up by the ski resorts, so there was nothing in bloom yet. Flowers are starting to bloom there now, but it is still not peak season. This past weekend, though, I did find an area that had quite a wildflower show: the Observation Point trail at Zion National Park that finishes at 6,850 feet of elevation and has been snow free for months. Here are a couple of blooms that really stood out on the 6.4-mile round trip hike up the cliffs of Zion:

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I’m blessed to live in a very beautiful part of the world – in the town of Honningsvåg on the island of Magerøya in the North Cape of Norway.  One of my favorite things to do is go hiking.  Whether I’m with my family, friends or by myself, a hike always lifts my spirits.

Just as the inspiring nature enriches my life, there’s a harsh reality that meets my eyes every time I’m on a hike – Ocean pollution.  The first time my little girl saw the trash- filled shoreline, she said, “It’s sad here, Mommy.”  And I couldn’t agree more.

trash, ocean pollution, norway

At the beginning of 2012 I posed the question:  Ocean pollution: What’s Your Solution?

ocean pollution, debris on shore, nordkapp, norway

My solution to this gigantic problem is to do what I can to positively impact the environment around me.  I know it won’t eliminate the horrendous amounts of floating plastics swirling in the ocean’s…

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Yay Words!

To help inspire everyone for the sea and/or thieves theme, I’ve decided to post some doodles relating to the theme. Okay, it may be I also just have a hard time ignoring the requests for more doodles (really, how can I say no to you?). I can’t promise they’ll be every day, but I’ll try to do at least a couple a week until the deadline of September 15th.

I’ll likely include these doodles in the final PDF and may ask if I can pair a ‘ku or two with them, but will also consider any responses as regular submissions. Of course, more importantly, just have fun. Doodleku on.



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