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Today is 15th June 2012.

We are running meat free day in 15th of every month in our company.

The result was encouraging, 140 persons joined our activity, double no of people compare to the 1st month.

It’s proven that the seed of kindness can start from you and me; this can spread to many peoples.

Show you the Fact on the collective effort:

Total Co2 Saving: 780 g X 140 peoples= 109,980g  

Today, we’ve planted 5 Mature Trees (a year),

The tree in turn releases enough oxygen for 10 human beings (a year).

*No meat for 1 meal= 780 g of Co2 reduction

The Colorado Tree Coalition claims that a mature tree (>40 years) can absorb CO2 at a rate of 21.8 kg/year.

The tree in turn…

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